I am primarily using this blog to keep track of recipes and household notes, as I am hopeless when it comes to keeping papers organized and *not* lost.

I use the rule of three: this blog, Pinterest, and Evernote. I’m a little paranoid about suddenly finding a glitch that erases all my notes from one program, so it helps me feel better to post the same things on different places.

We eat in a Paleo-ish style, meaning we eat mainly meat and vegetables, all cooked in copious amounts of olive oil /butter /bacon grease. Most of the produce we use is either purchased organic or grown by us, organically. We get the best quality meat we can afford without buying an entire animal at one time. We rarely eat grains and when we do, it is usually white rice, and occasionally popcorn. We do *try* to keep desserts as a special weekend treat.

We are a regular family consisting of adults, teenagers, children, a toddler, and a baby. We eat A LOT.
We do not have an unlimited budget, although it is certainly a comfortable one. We spend $2000 per month on food and household goods for dad, mom, and 11 children. That’s $120-130 per person, per month for the food portion. Most of our shopping is done at Costco and a local natural foods store.

If I think of anything else to say that might be useful, or to answer any questions, this page will be updated accordingly.

thefrugalkitchenblog *at* gmail *dot* com



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